Grass to Grace

Graciously, I got another chance. In 2016, I got a call from the same company where I’d previously missed my chance, asking if I’d received an invitation to tender. I hadn’t. So they resent the email. Guess what! About a week earlier, I had received an email from a strange email address full of hyphens asking me to click a link to register for something. My spam antenna went off, and I immediately deleted it 🙆‍♀️. That’s how I almost missed it o. It was when I saw the new email that I realized it. Anyway, I read the tender document and set to work. I had just 3 days before the portal closed. I spent 2 sleepless nights and finally got the proposal done. There’s another story behind that, but not for today😉. To cut the long story short, we were chosen💃. But that was just the beginning. To get the contract out, we had to be fully registered as vendors. They sent me a list of about 23 documents we had to submit. I had some of them this time, and we developed others, all except one. I had no clue how to develop it, but I had learned the value of people😁, so I called up someone who called up someone who could assist me. The person was a professional, we couldn’t afford his fee, but he gave me useful tips and I sat with it, and eventually, after 3 grueling months during which I spent several sleepless nights, and almost quit, all documents were finally uploaded. It was with bated breath that I waited, praying none of the documents would be rejected. Everything was accepted!!! We were finally in!

In 2017, Isura @treasuresbyisura got our first contract to organize a 6- week long entrepreneurship and vocational skills acquisition programme for Total. And we did it. I did it afraid, but we did it. In 2018, we were called upon to do it again, and this time, we did it better.

Thank God for second chances. That’s the story of how what I started off as a little way of buying data for myself, turned into a multi million Naira business. And it can happen to anyone, that’s why I shared the 5 hard lessons I had learnt, in my previous post. The only role I played was that I didn’t stay down after my first loss. I took the hard lessons, and I learnt them. And by the time opportunity rolled around a second time, I was prepared for it. And honestly, that’s the best you can do. Life will hit you hard sometimes. Anyone who tells you otherwise simply isn’t telling the truth. Yes, life will hit hard and you will fall. It’s the getting-back-up that’s up to you, it’s a choice that only you can make. I promise you that another opportunity will come, just don’t let it meet you where the previous one(s) left you. Get up and go; be prepared for it this time, and then go and give it all you’ve got!❤❤❤

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