Efe’s Got Talent

I am multi-skilled and multi-talented. Two different concepts though very similar. The former means there are many things you can do, the latter means you are gifted or near-natural with many skills. But I digress….

Let me blow my own trumpet a little. I’ll start with my talents. (If you know me personally, please attest😁)
I am a great Writer & Editor, Singer, Teacher, Cook
I am a bit of a nerd or brainiac,
A natural leader
A jewelry designer with a great eye for colour and detail
A natural organizer (events, not spaces🙈)
I’m excellent with numbers, and a great analyst.
A natural psychologist too
Any more🤔?

My skills…..
I’m very adept at picking up IT skills – self- taught Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, expert. I’ve built a website, copied codes from online tools and replicated embedded videos.
I’m an experienced and certified Supply Chain Specialist
I can bake, not great but good enough for someone to recommend I earn money from it.
I’m a public speaker, fair enough but with lots of room for improvement
I can really drive! 😁
I’ve been told I’ll make a good OAP🤔
I swim very well
I’m good with people too. I’m not a natural but I’ve learnt over the years
I’m a GIA-trained jewelry designer, which means I can illustrate jewelry professionally
I’m a budding photographer
I can do 3D Animation and Avatars.

Two things though….
1) NEVER EVER ask me to dance
2) If you want me to cry a bucket, ask me to draw.

So what’s the point of all my bragging?

You see, all these gifts and abilities have given me a tough time, and almost paralyzed me. Because I’m good at so many things, I get distracted very easily. The moment I start to face challenges in one thing, I’m tempted to drop it and pick up another thing, after all there are many other things to do. Another problem is that when people find I’m good at something, they begin to try and draw me into it. Some people are subtle, so they’ll just suggest it, but some other people….. They won’t leave you, they will beg, pull, push, and even drag you to use those your latent skills even when you have decided to close your eyes and FOLLOW JESUS.

It is HARD to be focused when you’re multi-talented or skilled. If you’re not careful, you’ll never achieve your full potential in anything. It’s just a thin line between having numerous abilities and being a perennial underachiever, and that’s the one spot where I don’t want to find myself. I don’t want to look back at 60, and see all I could have achieved but didn’t because I lost focus and spread myself thin over many things. It has taken me plenty of introspection and godly discernment to determine the things I should stick with, but staying focused has been a continuous struggle. There is this constant temptation to stray into something new and different, but I’ve learnt a few tricks that help me.

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