Behind The Scenes

So I stayed up extremely late last night helping my 11-year old son finish up his retinue of mid-term assignments. This was after putting my 2-year old, and my 8-month old to bed. I don’t even want to say how late we were up (it’s worse than you imagine). I spent Thursday to Saturday away from my quiet sane city of Osogbo in the bustling madness of Lagos (busy but great weekend), left at 6am yesterday morning, stopped by in Ibadan to drop my 14-year old, got home before 11 am, got the kids cleaned up, took 11-year old for to see the ENT specialist who so graciously agreed to see me at the clinic on Sunday to get the boy’s blocked ears flushed, used the opportunity to see my aburo friend’s MIL who I promised to visit when I got back. (Yes, I could have postponed the visit, but I knew I’d get at least 30 minutes of sanity😪). Kids got lunch, and I managed to get a 30-minute power nap while I was there. Picked up a few supplies on my way home, made dinner, finally put the littluns to bed and got on assignment duty. The baby woke up somewhere in-between 😥.

This morning I got out of bed by 6.30 after snoozing my alarms twice, had a bath, got 11-year old off to school, got back home, dumped littluns with my day-help, went into my room and crashed till 12.30. Instagram and business were the last thing on my mind, but I’ve got to make money so here I am shooting my shot. Every time I show up here (or anywhere, for that matter), trust me there’s a story behind it, but I keep at it.

Does anyone feel like this? What’s your behind-the-scenes story of showing up at your job or business?

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